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House Cupathon Round Three Challenges

House Cupathon ran throughout all of June and while all the books I read earned me points based on the page count, below are the ones that ticked off challenges.The Boy the Mole, the Fox and the Horse ~ ★★★★★Polyjuice Potion ~ Read a book in a non-traditional formatFollowing the Spiders ~ Read a hyped bookIf you've… Continue reading House Cupathon Round Three Challenges

Book, Challenge, Readathon, Wrap Up

Magical Readathon ‘Hogsmeade Trip’ Wrap Up

The 'Trip to Hogsmeade' Magical Readathon ran from 22nd - 28th June, G has created a beautiful printable map with ten prompts corresponding to different stops in Hogsmeade. Now there's no way I was going to get through 10 books in a week but I'm pretty happy with the 6 that completed.Harry Potter & The… Continue reading Magical Readathon ‘Hogsmeade Trip’ Wrap Up