Welcome to Complex Chaos! The home of my random thoughts and ramblings.

A bit about me I’m Elizabeth; I’m a tea and Netflix addicted Ravenclaw that enjoys buying way too many books to keep on top of.  I work in Data Engineering and as of March 2016 I live in Suffolk.

I’ll mainly be adding book reviews here but for even more random thoughts you can find links to my social media in the sidebar >>>

Any links marked with a are affiliate links, these do not affect the price you pay for any purchases but mean I receive a small commission for directing you via this blog.

Any titles marked * have been provided free of charged in exchange for an honest review.

My blogging history

Complex Chaos was born back in 2011, primarily as a beauty blog. As a third-year university student I had a lot of spare time; not long after I started full time work my blog was abandoned, deleted, revisited and restored a couple of times.

If you happen to trawl back through my blog posts of old you’ll see a recurring James Bond theme. Back in January 2014 I was ‘challenged’ by my colleagues to watch every James Bond film in chronological order over the next 12 months and to prove I had been paying attention to write a 500-word review of each one.  The first circulated around the office like a virus and it was suggested I start a blog; in a moment of madness, I purged Complex Chaos of its previous beauty-related content, and started posting James Bond reviews.

At the start of 2016 I decided to try and recommit to writing reviews of the books I was reading and also to move my blog from blogger to wordpress.

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