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March 2021 ~ Wrap Up

A belated and rather mini wrap up for March, it was right at the end of March when I seemed to pick back up with reading and I thank The Road Trip for that.

On Relationships ~ This is another anthology from 3 of Cups Press, like many anthologies this had sections I loved and sections I skimmed through but overall enjoyable, 3 stars.

Normal People ~ I really enjoy revisiting favourites via audiobook and listening to this was such a comfort over a week when I wasn’t feeling 100%, 5 stars.

Quite ~ I’m not the biggest fan of Claudia Winkleman but this had been recommended in a few places and it was available on Libby via my library so I decided to give it a go. I quite enjoyed the delivery and it made me laugh out loud in several places. If you’re a fan I’d really recommend it, she talks a bit about Strictly but its not all Strictly, if you’ve not idea who she in then maybe give it a miss, 3 stars.

The Lying Room ~ After reading my first Nicci French book last year I had high hopes of reading a lot more, that didn’t quite go to plan. This book focuses on a woman who finds out that the man she’s been having an affair with has been murdered, terrified that people will discover the connection between her she tries to cover up the murder, lying to everyone. The premise was enjoyable but I did feel this was a bit long, 3 stars.

The Road Trip ~ The new release from Beth O’Leary was one I’d been looking forward to for a while, her previous two dual-perspective releases have both been favourites and I also really enjoyed this one, my full review will be up soon, 4 stars.

So that was March, I read a bit more across April and that wrap up will be up soon but let me know if you’ve read any of these or if any are on your TBR.

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