February 2021 Wrap Up

Quite a shot wrap up for February, the reading slump continued as did the blogging break, I’ll do a post soon on why I’ve been a bit quiet over here but until then just bear with me!

Mr Loverman ~ Starting with an Audible listen, I’d heard great things about this and it did not disappoint! Would really recommend the audio version and it was great to read something from a male protagonist perspective as most of my reads tend to be female leads, 4 stars.

The Duke & I ~ After loving Bridgerton I had to pick this up, I was certain I was going to blast through the whole book series before season two landed on Netflix. I’ve since changed my mind, I just found the book to be much slower and really focuses on the two lead characters where as one of the things I liked most about the TV show was the seeing other characters plotlines starting and interweaving, 3 stars.

Before I Saw You* ~ There’ll be a full review of this up shortly but after a slightly slow start I really got into this, 4 stars.

The Language of Kindness ~ Another audio listen, this is a medical memoir from a nurse, this made me laugh and cry, some of the stories captured in this are heartbreaking and made me so grateful that our wonderful NHS nurses exist, 4 stars.

Dinner with Edward ~ I got this in my January Reposed book and I’m not sure why I was drawn to this but I just really wanted to pick it up quickly. This is a lovely story about the platonic friendship between a woman and her friend’s father; as the title suggests their friendship develops over a series of dinners, 3 stars.

Alice in Wonderland ~ A classic revisited via Audible, this was a purely comfort listen and a story I’ll continue to return to, 5 stars.

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