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WWW Wednesday ~ 10th February 2021

The WWW tag runs weekly on Sam’s blog, each W stands for a different ‘What’ to summarise you’re last week in books.

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?

I’ve been quite quiet on here lately, mainly because I’ve landed in a bit of a reading slump. I’m trying to set aside specific time before bed to try and get out of it

I’m still reading Before I Saw You*, I think it was a little slow to get started but not I’m about 40% through I’m starting to really enjoy the story and the characters.

I started listening to The Language of Kindness at the weekend and can’t get enough, this is a medical memoir from a nurse, its read by the author and is such an emotional read.

I received Dinner with Edward in my January Reposed box and also started it last weekend, its a shorter read following the friendship of an elderly man and younger woman through a series of dinners.

What have you recently finished?

After loving Bridgerton I’m probably one of many people who went onto read The Duke & I I mainly started this to try ang get out of my slump but it didn’t really help. Obviously the book and adaptation are different but I found this quite boring at times as it focuses mainly on just two characters and there’s much less of the world; not a series I think I’ll continue with.

What will you read next?

I’m hoping to get to Sisterhood of the Infamous* and The Language of Birds soon but I’m very open to being lead by instinct at the moment.

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