Audiobook Challenge 2020 Wrap Up

I joined the Audiobook Challenge 2020 via Caffeinated Review back in January, in this post I was aiming to 15-20 audiobooks targeting the level of  “Socially Awkward” what I didn’t expect was to listen to double that and listen to over 30 audiobooks. This challenge was just the nudge towards audiobooks I needed to really get into them.

You can see the 22 books I listened to from Jan – Jul here.

The Love Square* ~ Laura Jane Williams ~ ★★★★☆
Don’t Touch My Hair ~ Emma Dabiri ~ ★★★★☆
Weather ~ Jenny Offill ~ ★★★☆☆

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right ~ Pandora Sykes ~ ★★★★☆
I Am Not Your Baby Mother ~ Candice Brathwaite ~ ★★★★☆

More Than a Woman ~ Caitlin Moran ~ ★★★★★
My Christmas Number One* ~ Leonie Mack ~ ★★★☆☆
Summerwater ~ Sarah Moss  ~  ★★★★☆

Ghost Wall ~ Sarah Moss  ~  ★★★★☆
The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy ~ Douglas Adams ~  ★★★★☆
Twas the Nightshift Before Christmas ~ Adam Kay ~  ★★★★☆

I’ll be rejoining this challenge for 2021, let me know if there are any audiobooks I should be adding to my ‘to listen’ list.

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