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2021 Reading Goals

Yesterday I published some general goals for 2021, today I’m talking about quite book/blog specific things.

Read my Shelves
A repeat from last year, I did ok at this but I still need to work on reading those books which sit on my physical and digital shelves for a long period of time.

More Reviews
I’ve carried this one over as well, ultimately I enjoy doing book reviews either for Netgalley, blog tours or just because I want to share my thoughts, I start so many that get abandoned so one of my aims this year is to get more of those posts published.  I also want to get more reviews on Goodreads and other sites as I’m terrible at remembering to cross post.

Catch Up with Subscription Books
This does cross over with ‘Read my Shelves’ but its quite specific as I want to ‘catch up’ with the books I’ve got from my Reposed and Unbound Reading Club subscriptions; I’m planning on cancelling Reposed in about a month not because I don’t love it but I’m going to rethink once I’ve read all the books they’ve sent so far.

Spend Less on Books
Are you noticing a theme yet? I track my Kindle book spending but I don’t track any physical book spending. In 2021 I want to start including physical and audio books into this and start going back to making good use of my library as 2020 kind of put a stop to that.

Let me know your 2021 reading related goals in the comments

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