December 2020 Book Haul

I’m posting this pre-Christmas in the hope that there might get a few book/bookish items under the tree for me to post about afterwards. Mainly physical books this month as I’ve not actually done badly at avoiding the Kindle Daily Deals.

Mr Loverman ~ I’ve heard really great things about this, I got the audiobook in the Audible sale and think it’ll be one of the first audio listens of the new year.

Blue Monday ~ This series for Nikki French comes highly recommended by two YouTubers I really enjoy, Lauren and Jen so when I spotted the first book in the series for 99p I decided to give it a go.

The Marriage Code ~ December’s Kindle First pick, purely a random cover pick and none of this month’s books jumped out at me but I’m not going to pass up the opportunity for a free book.

Frost Fair ~ A little Christmas poem book from Carol Ann Duffy, I have a couple of these already so decided to add one more to my collection this year.

The Book Of Bera Part One: Sea Paths ~ This month’s Unbound Reading Club book is described as a ‘atmospheric Viking Saga’ which has really caught my intrigue.

Skincare ~ This is actually a repurchase, I bought this on Kindle a few months ago and while I can read it on my tablet this is a book I feel like I need to be able to flick through so as a bit of an early Christmas gift to me I picked up the hardback.

Intermission ~ The final Pound Project book for 2020 is all about the Arts, as a big theatre fan I bought this without really thinking just to support the cause behind it.

Troy ~ Tagging this on the end as I very nearly forgot about it! This is the third in Stephen Fry’s series of retelling Greek Myths and Legends, I bought this alongside a ticket to an online book event which I was actually unable to attend but I do now have a beautiful hardback edition to enjoy soon.

All links marked are affiliate links, if you purchase any products via these links you pay the same price and I receive a small commission.

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