2020 Goals/Resolutions ~ Revisited

Last December I shared some goals for 2020 so I thought I’d let you know how I got on; there’s a separate post coming soon for the more reading related things 

January 30 Days of Yoga Challenge
Back in January I completed about two thirds of this challenge before if feel by the wayside however I restarted with a friend in November and we did it! It was great to have the accountability of messaging each other everyday to check we’d done the video and how we’d found it. I’m fairly sure Adriene is bringing us another 30 day challenge in January and I’m already planning on signing up.

Make Better Use of Skillshare
Fail – I’ve cancelled my renewal of Skillshare for now. I’ve paid annually and have five months left so if I start using it I can always renew but I’ve not really made the best of it this year.

Calm App for Meditation
I love Calm, more recently its become a staple for me and I make time to use it most days, even if its just for 5 minutes. There’s also a lot more than just meditations on here, there’s the sleep stories which while I don’t use for going to sleep are lovely if you want to wind down; I also use the music a lot while I’m reading. You can get a free trial and I’d really recommend giving it a go.

More interesting lunches
I’m giving myself half a tick for this. When I set this goal it was with the idea of taking dishes into work, then March happened. With access to a full kitchen I’m not planning lunches as much as I should but there’s definitely more variety than there used to be.

Use our fruit bowl for fruit
This is much better! We even bought a new fruitbowl which doesn’t have a solid bottom, not the reason we got it but an added bonus is we can’t keep small random items in it, though at the moment its also home to a box on Lindt chocolates, but hey, its Christmas right?

How did you get on with your goals for 2020?

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