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Festive Crochet

Last week I posted  photos of some of my first crochet projects but I left out some festive bits for their own dedicated post.

Cast your mind back to August, it was summer, it was warm (at least in England it was) and what was I doing? Searching the internet for cute Christmas themed crochet projects that didn’t look too difficult. As I’ve learnt over the years, unless you’re super speedy or super motivated don’t leave any seasonal themed craft until the season itself or if you’re anything like me your items will be done a little bit too late.

After I’d completed one snowman I had one of my bright ideas… I’d crochet some of these for some our friends who have children in time for December and set about crafting myself a little festive army!

I found the pattern for these Christmas Cupcake figures on Etsy and if you’re a crocheter I’d really recommend taking a look, there are so many pages of photos of each stage which is perfect for someone like me who likes the reassurance that I’m heading in the right direction sooner rather than later.

Fast forward a couple of months and some asked if I could crochet a Christmassy hat for a newborn; again off to Etsy I go and land upon a lovely reindeer hat. Another bright (getting less bright in hindsight) idea, I’d also make the smaller children reindeer hats.

Thankfully everything was done in time and these items are now with their lovely recipients. Have you done any Christmas themed crafts this year? Spam me with your photos if you have!

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