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Very Merry Readathon 2020 TBR

Very Merry Readathon is returning for a 5th year on the 13th December, I took part in this last year and really enjoyed it mostly because it introduced me to fireplace videos on YouTube and we’ve used those so much over the last year to add some much needed cosiness to our living room.

This year all the prompts are themed around A Christmas Carol and as usual you can count a box towards multiple prompts. 

Scrooge – A Book with Gold on the Cover ~ Another Night Before Christmas

Ghost of Christmas Past – A Book from Your Childhood/An Old Favourite ~ Fantastic Mr Fox

Ghost of Christmas Present – A Book You Feel Like Reading in the Present ~ I’m taking this prompt very literally so no plans for this lets just see how I feel

Ghost of Christmas Future – A Book That Intimidates You ~ Murder on the Orient Express

Tiny Tim – A Book with Disability Representation  ~ The Christmasaurus

Bonus Challenge – Read the Group Book ~  A Christmas Carol

Are you planning on taking part in the readathon? If so let me know what you’re planning on reading for some of these prompts.

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