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Christmas Gift Guide 2020

Can you have Blogmas without a gift guide? 

Is anyone else feeling a lot less bothered about gifts this year? As cheesy as it sounds but all I want for Christmas this year is for my family to be able to be together and fingers crossed that can happen in some capacity! 

Last year I published a couple of Christmas gift guides and I still stand by all those things; there was a more general one here or a specific bookish one to take a look at here.

Stickers by Numbers ~ I saw these books via Lauren and the Books and decided to get one for my sister for Christmas, having had a look through they look like a great idea for anyone who enjoys colour/paint by number or diamond painting.

Virtual Escape Room ~ Having done several of these with different groups of people throughout 2020 I’d really recommend an online escape room; they’re a fraction of the price of an actual one and all you need to do is sort out the video calling equipment (plus you get the added entertainment factor of trying to set any parents/grandparents up on skype to take part) They even have a Christmas one that we’ll definitely be doing.

Enigmagram ~ Bit of a disclaimer, I haven’t actually tried one of these but they sound great and we are ordering one for some family members we can’t be with this year. Your recipient receives a mystery envelope and has to solve puzzles to unlock the code to access your message and find out who sent it.

Reposed Subscription ~ I’ve had my subscription to Reposed for nearly a year now and can’t describe how excited I get when I see the little brown box on the doormat so a subscription gift would be perfect for a book lover in your life!

Of course no gift guide would be complete without a handful of book suggestions; 

Skincare ~ This book from Caroline Hirons is an encyclopedia of skincare knowledge suitable for all skin types and ages. Its beautifully laid out and would make a great gift for anyone who enjoys their daily skincare routine (or someone you think could do with one) 

The Princess and the Prick ~ A really funny book that I think would make a perfect gift and be great to be read aloud in place of awful cracker jokes.

Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops ~ There are two in this series and they’re both brilliantly funny.

The Boy, the Mole, the Fox and the Horse ~ I’ve read through this twice this year, its not only beautiful to look through but wonderfully heartwarming.

All links marked are affiliate links, if you purchase any products via these links you pay the same price and I receive a small commission.

Let me know what’s top of your Christmas wish list in the comments.

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