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Calm Christmas ~ Beth Kempton

228 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Hardback

Calm Christmas and a Happy New Year is a beautifully presented guide to surviving the holiday period, focuses on pinpointing what’s truly important about the festive period for you, and those you’ll spend it with; the idea being when you focus on what’s important to you and stop worrying about what you think you should be doing then the whole winter season can be much calmer and more enjoyable. 

Split into three sections covering the run up to Christmas, the main event and that post-Christmas period of reflection and the introduction recommends you start the book based on what feels most important and most suitable at the time; I was starting this in the last weekend of November so just read it cover to cover.

This was very much a cover buy, I spotted it online about a month ago and bought it pretty much instantly; at the time there was much less clarity around just how different this Christmas would be and I was not feeling calm about it.  

The book is jam packed with exercises and links to free resources for you to complete along the way to help you focus on your ideal Christmas and reflect on the year just gone; I’ve blocked some time out in my calender to revisit the last section of this book between Christmas and New Year and complete some of those exercises.

This year there’s an accompanying podcast which started back in October so if you’re unsure if this book is for you that would be a good place to start.

Released in 2019 this will hopefully be easy to get hold of and I’d really recommend giving this a read/listen; just Beth’s writing was calming and I’m looking forward to using this book over the coming years as my Christmas priorities change.

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