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Jolabokaflod ~ Suggestions for my Husband?

If you’ve not heard of it Jolabokaflod is an Icelandic tradition of exchanging books on Christmas Eve which has (according to my internet research) taken place in Iceland since the 1940s. You exchange your book presents and then get to spend the evening getting cosy with your new books and maybe a hot chocolate. Sounds delightful!

Well this year I have managed to persuade my non-reader husband to do this, and got him to promise that he will sit with me and read whatever book I get for him. We’re probably not going to be doing this on Christmas Eve as we’re travelling so this will either be just before or just after, I’m still excited.

The only books he tends to read are non-fiction and typically medical memoirs however he still has two of these sat unread from last Christmas so I want to try something new.

I have a couple of ideas including The Humans and The Martian but wanted to see if any of you lovely people had any suggestions? Ideally I’m after fiction, preferably something with some humour in.

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