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Why Have I Been Reading Less? ~ First Crochet Projects

You may have noticed that there’s been a few less read books on this blog over the last couple of months. There’s a couple of reasons for that; firstly I’m trying to slow down in terms of how many books I’m pressurising myself to read at once. The second is that I’ve found myself a new hobby that I’m currently a little obsessed with – crochet.

As someone who’s knitted for years I’ve never understood how crochet works with just the one hook, I’ve tried before and given up very quickly however at the start of 2020, right back when things were ‘normal’ I tried again and after a couple of hours of stop/starting a YouTube video I have crochet the messiest, most peculiar looking square of stitches.  I took this to my mom (back when we could go see people) and like a child sat by her feet in the living room while she taught me how to start a blanket. Nothing fancy, just a square baby blanket – I finished said blanket and put the hook down. During lockdown I went back to knitting until back in June I got a Harry Potter crochet kit for my birthday and decided to try again.

I thought I’d share some of my recent makes on here and put some feelers out – would this be something you’d be interested in seeing more of? 

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