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November 2020 ~ Wrap Up

November has been a bit of a weird month, in England we spent most of it in a second national lockdown and waiting impatiently to see what the rules around Christmas would be. I made myself a little lockdown advent calendar by rebelling a Malteasers one to count down to 2nd December and its possibly the idea of most proud of from 2020 so far. Anywho, onto the books I finished in November and there were some really good ones this month.

Three Things ~ The latest pound project offering to land through my door focuses on sustainability with a section of food, clothing and the environment, I always enjoy these books but you have to buy them when they’re announced as their one off print batches, 4 stars.

The Vanishing Half ~ There was so much buzz about this book when it was released and I can understand why, I’d thoroughly recommend this, a brilliant book that kept me hooked throughout, 4 stars.

The Princess and the Prick ~ This was a bit of fun and would make a great gift! 3 stars.

The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost~ A novella I reviewed as part of a blog tour, you can read the full review here, 3 stars.

More Than a Woman~ This book made me alternate between laughing out loud and actually crying. It both broke my heart and warmed my soul, 5 stars.

My Christmas Number One* ~ I picked this up specifically for Galleyathon, this was fine. If you’re after some light-hearted festive themed reading then this is one to consider, 3 stars.

Daughters of Night* ~ I’ve had this ARC for ages and Galleyathon round three finally saw me get around to it; I really enjoyed all the twists and turns in this book and I found myself getting really frustrated as I couldn’t even come up with a solid theory as to who I thought to killer was but it was great to be kept guessing until the big reveal. The only thing that I thought let this down is that there were so many names I did find myself getting quite lost early on though that’s more my concentration than anything else, 4 stars.

Notes on a Nervous Planet ~ I continually return to Matt Haig’s non-fiction writing in written and audio form and while struggling through a second national lockdown seemed like the perfect time to re-listen to this and remind myself of the important things, 5 stars.

Zikora ~ A short story available via Prime Reading, this made for a great weekend morning read; we follow a woman in labour as she reflects on her relationships with her own parents and the baby’s father, 4 stars.

Will I Ever Pee Alone Again? ~ A poetry book from YouTuber Emma Conway, this was funny but I think I need to revisit it once I have children of my own to fully appreciate this, 3 stars.

Summerwater ~ I really enjoyed the latest fiction from Sarah Moss, I’d highly recommend the audiobook  full review here, 4 stars.

Names for the Sea ~ I’ve heard a lot about Sarah Moss’ non-fiction memoir about the year she and her family moved to Iceland, overall I enjoyed this but its not one I’ll re-read, 3 stars.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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