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Summerwater ~ Sarah Moss

208 pages /4h 27mins ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Audiobook

Sarah Moss is back with another fiction offering, Summerwater was released in August 2020 and after loving Ghost Wall a couple of years ago I was eager to read it. Luckily I was able to borrow the audiobook via BorrowBox via my local library service without waiting too for too long.

Set on a holiday park in Scotland across one rainy summer day the book follows different characters from the families; what I really enjoyed was in the second half of the book we rotate back around and our narrators are different members of the same families we heard from earlier. 

There’s very little actual plot, this is all about the characters and how the same day is playing out for different people; they’re all stuck inside because of the rain and nearly all tired from being kept awake by a nearby cabin having a loud party the night before. Usually its the plot that keeps me hooked to books and purely character driven things can lose my interest quite quickly but I think this kept my attention because each narrator is different and we don’t hear from the same person more than once.

The narration of this is beautiful, the audiobook is narrated by Morven Christie who’s Scottish accent brings the book to life. At under five hours I listened to this across 4 days, with each main chapter being around the minute mark it was perfect for getting a chapter in during a quick walk or a few jobs.

Overall I’d really recommend this, as soon as I finished I borrowed the audiobook of Ghost Wall to revisit and will be checking out more of Sarah Moss’ fiction work.

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