Blogmas 2020?

Last year I made a vague attempt at Blogmas and creating a few more Christmas themed blog posts, I quite enjoyed it and planned to commit a bit harder this year and then what a year it turned out to be!

I adore Christmas, its by far my favourite time of year, I usually start with the festive songs and gingerbread lattes on 7th November right after my husband’s birthday but this year with England’s lockdown over shadowing the sprint to my advent calender things are feeling a bit flat.

The only thing that seems to be certain around Christmas this year is that its going to be different and personally I keep changing my mind from throwing up the Christmas tree two weeks early to hiding under a blanket and coming out next year hoping for the best.

So the big question is, to Blogmas or not to Blogmas, if you’re a blogger let me know if you have any plans for Christmas content, if you’re a reader is that the kind of thing you’re looking forward to in December?

Either way there’s a few things I’m looking forward to including Very Merry Readathon and plenty of festive themed reads I’ve been collecting for the last couple of months.

8 thoughts on “Blogmas 2020?”

  1. It looks as if this current lockdown will be the last 🙂

    I wondered if you ordered a reposed box last month? I didn’t, however I ordered two this month for delivery in December, thought it couldn’t go too wrong with contents (they’re for Xmas presents)


  2. I’ve seen Blogmas around the blogosphere each year but haven’t joined in. Personally, I think this year needs cheering up and if you decided to write some Blogmas posts, I’ll definitely read them. I may even join in with a few posts myself this year.

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