Galleyathon Round Three ~ Wrap Up

Galleyathon returned last week for a third round to encourage us all to get those ARCs off our Netgalley shelves and onto  that Goodreads read shelf.

Overall a bit of a mixed week for me, I managed about 2.5 books over the week but this was great to refocus on some of my ARCs but the two that I did manage to complete weren’t any of the books I mentioned in my TBR.

Mystical Places* (An arc you regret requesting)
Starting with a bit of a fail; unfortunately I couldn’t get this book to render properly on my phone, tablet or laptop so there was no way I could read it.

The Fathers, the Sons and the Anxious Ghost*
This novella follows three fathers and their three sons as a tragic event entwines their lives for years to come, my full review of this was posted yesterday, 3 stars.

My Christmas Number One* 
I picked this is in audiobook format so I could feel like I was participating in the readathon while I was out walking or sat at my desk. This was fine, if you’re after some light-hearted festive themed reading then this could be a good one. Starting in the summer we follow Cara and Javi from recording their Christmas single all the way through its release and promotional tour as both artists and their families nervously watch it climb the charts, 3 stars.

Daughters of Night* (Your oldest arc)
I’m nearly two thirds of the way through this, turns out this is a 600page book so I a bit optimistic in thinking I’d get through this in a week, I’ll be carrying on with it as I need the answer of this murder mystery.

Thank you, Next* (Your newest arc)
I read the first chapter of this but since I was never going to read it during the week I put it to one side; I’ll be picking it back up soon.

Married at First Swipe* (An arc you’re excited for)This was on my TBR but I didn’t even get round to starting it, luckily this isn’t out until next February so plenty of time to get to this before release.

I love the idea behind this readathon, its already been announced it’ll be back next March for Round 4 and the dates are already in my diary!

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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