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WWW Wednesday ~ 4th November 2020

The WWW tag runs weekly on Sam’s blog, each W stands for a different ‘What’ to summarise you’re last week in books.

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?

One at a Time October has ended so naturally I immediately picked up some new books!

Names for the Sea is a non fiction from Sarah Moss about the year her and her family moved to Iceland, its a fascinating read and I’m learning so much about the country and culture.

As the temperature drops I’m enjoying curling up with The Vanishing Half on the sofa with a blanket.

I’ve also started More Than a Woman on audiobook, read by the author Caitlin Moran this is providing me with some much needed laughs.

What have you recently finished?

Picking back up The Mercies after a weekend of very little reading last week I was very quickly gripped by this

Three Things is the latest pound project release and was the first thing I read when November rolled around.

What will you read next?

Galleyathon starts next week and I’m currently finalising my TBR but I’m currently my plans include Mystical Places* and Daughters of Night*

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