One at a Time October ~ Reflections

Throughout October I decided to embark on a little personal challenge of having only one book on the go at any one time – you can read the full backstory here but essentially I found myself in September with six books in progress and it was all a bit much.

I started the month reading a physical book and realised I was going to need to dig out a reading light I bought years ago and have barely used – luckily it still works and I actually enjoyed using it but for travel it doesn’t compare to the convenience of my Kindle so for the rest of the month everything else I read was via my Kindle.

One major thing I noticed – I miss audiobooks! I have been keeping very up to date with my podcasts as my non-commuting routine is that I listen to around 40mins of podcast/audiobook in the morning. I have several audiobooks lined up for November which I’m looking forward to starting.

Overall I’ve found this to be a worthwhile experience, I definitely enjoying slowing down and removing any pressure to have lots of books read and this is something I want to continue. Personally what I think works for me is having around three books on the go, assuming these books are different in both format and general topic.

Are you a one at a time reader or a do you have a pile of books on the go?

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