October 2020 ~ Wrap Up

Throughout October I purposely took a slightly slower paced approach to reading which is why this list is shorter than previous months, I set myself a little challenge of reading one book at a time which I managed to stick to but I don’t think I’ll be carrying on with – there’ll be a separate post with my thoughts up soon.

The Guilty Feminist ~ If you’ve followed my blog for a while I’m sure you’re sick of hearing me talk about this book, I’ve been meaning to read it and then been reading it for ages! At somepoint I’d like to revisit this as an audiobook, as I’m so used to the podcast I think I’ll enjoy it most in that format, 3 stars.

When The Lights Go Out* ~ This was a very atmospheric read focused around a family in the run up to Christmas. Chirs and Emma live with their two sons in an older house prone to damp and electrical failures. Chris works as a landscape gardeners but this year in particular unpredictable rain fall has had a big impact on his workload; in her newly found spare time Chris is preparing for emergencies, stockpiling food and medicines. The book follows as this new behaviour starts to strain his relationship with Emma. I enjoyed this and will be looking out for other works from the author, 4 stars.

Deep Fakes* ~ A hard-hitting non-fiction on the current state of AI and data, this book hits all the big topics including the US Election and COVID, you can read my full review here, 4 stars.

Dominicana ~ When Ana is 15 she receives a long awaited marriage proposal from a man she barely knows. Suddenly she’s moving the New York, married only on paper and 19. Dominicana follows Ana as she finds herself thrown into a new world where she knows none of the language, non of the customs and none of the the people – her husband included, 4 stars.

Glorious Rock Bottom ~ I love Bryony Gordon’s writing and her latest non-fiction was no exception. Not a particularly comfortable read this is Bryony’s retelling of her journey battling her alcohol addiction; the events which pushed her to enter rehab and her experience there. I learnt a lot from this and the honesty in this has just made me admire the author even more, 4 stars.

Handle with Care ~ Another non-fiction which was a not always the most uncomfortable read, this is the memoir of an NHS Health worker. A some one without children I’ve not yet had any encounters with health workers so this was a really interesting introduction to the amazing work they do. Yet another reminder of how lucky we are in the UK to have access to the NHS and the wonderfully caring people who work for them, 3 stars.

The Mercies ~ Initially I found this to be a slow starter and I almost considered DNF-ing this at one point because I could swap to anything else. I came back to this after a weekend of not a lot of reading and got completely hooked. Set on a Norwegian Island where a tragedy has seen all of the island’s men killed in a fishing disaster, the women of Vardo have had to start to fend for themselves however when new male officials are sent to the island this newly found independence causes suspicion which could endanger their lives, 4 stars.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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