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Reposed Book Subscription ~ October 2020 Unboxing

Reposed is a monthly book subscription box costing £12.80 (including postage) each month you’ll receive a book as well as a few extra items. This month my box arrived on the 8th of the month which I think is a new record!

The book you receive each months is a new release paperback, so there is a risk if the book has come out earlier in hardcover or digital format you may have picked it up in one of those formats.

This month’s book is Lampedusa which like last month is a book that I’ve never heard of and looking at the cover I probably wouldn’t have been drawn to.

As always there were a host of other treats in the box, this month we got;

  • 2 x Brew Tea Co Teabags (£4.59 for 15)
  • Seed and Bean Sea Salt and Lime Chocolate 25g (£3.13 for 85g)
  • Vitamasques Citrine Sheet Mask (£5.99)
  • St Eval’s Fig Tree Tea light Candle (£6.50 for nine candles)

I could smell the candle as soon as I opened the box! Usually I get very excited when I see chocolate in these boxes however having tried this one the jury is out on the combo of sea salt and lime, I’m saving the rest to get the husband’s verdict.

I’m quite behind on reading my Reposed books just because of time so I am toying with pausing my subscription for a little while, however with the world still going through a bizarre time these monthly boxes are bringing some real snippets of joy so maybe I’ll leave it until the end of the year.

Do you have any subscription boxes? Have you heard of this book? Let me know!

1 thought on “Reposed Book Subscription ~ October 2020 Unboxing”

  1. Actually I didn’t think much of the chocolate but enjoyed the tea bags and candle light!

    But haven’t read the book yet

    When you do, let me know what you think.


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