September 2020 ~ Wrap Up

September has felt so busy and I feel like I read some of the titles at the start of this list a lot longer than just a few weeks away! At one point around the middle of the month I found I had six books in progress at once and it was actually start to become a bit of an unnecessary stress – not what I want, reading is meant to be an escape; I’ve decided to try something different in October and concentrate on one book at a time, because of that the last week of September became a bit of a ‘mop-up’ with my aim to finish all but one of my in progress books.  As usual books are listed in the order I finished reading them.

Ghosts* ~ I started September with one of my most anticipated books of 2020, there’ll be a full review of this up soon but needless to say I really enjoy Dolly Alderton’s work, 4 stars.

The Rental Heart & Other Fairytales ~ A collection of fairy tale retellings, as with most collections there were some parts to this I adored and others I essentially skim-read, overall a good read though and a great introduction to he author, 3 stars.

How Do We Know We’re Doing It Right ~ I’m very glad I chose to pick this up in audiobook format, the author Pandora Sykes is co-host of the The High Low podcast so I’m familiar with listening to her. Some very thought provoking insights and an audiobook I know I’ll return to in time, 4 stars.

The Midnight Library ~ This has become a new favourite, I devoured this in just over a day and I’d highly recommend anyone go pick it up, 5 stars.

House of Correction* ~ I’ve heard so many good things about Nicci French books and I’m so glad I finally gave one a go, you can see my full review here, 4 stars.

The Lido ~ This has been on my TBR for a long time, I decided it was a more of a summery book and had been saving it from August and just failed to get around to it, determined not to put it aside for another year I picked this up mid-month and while it wasn’t necessarily as summery as I thought it might be this was one of the most heart-warming stories, I could get behind all the characters and was desperate to give main characters Rosemary and Kate the biggest of hugs, 4 stars.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold ~ Back in August I read the second book in this series so naturally next up was the first – I appreciate it doesn’t make much sense! I really enjoyed revisiting this series, I find the time travelling premise/rules in this really thought-provoking and it was great to revisit the setting and learn more about the characters and get some more of the back story – here’s hoping the third book in the series is translated soon, 4 stars.

I Am Not Your Baby Mother ~ This was everywhere I looked a couple of months ago, with very high praise indeed from all over the internet, I decided to go for the audiobook which is narrated by the author, at under 6 hours this crams a lot of into a short book. I’d highly recommend this auto-biography in general but particularly as an audiobook, 4 stars.

The Coffer Dams ~ Something a little bit different, this follows the construction of a dam across a river in India, the construction firm are dealing with a tight schedule and the impending monsoon season; there’ll be a full review of this up in a couple of weeks as part of a blog tour, 3 stars.

Sabotage ~ I started Emma Gannon’s latest book within hours of my pre-order dropping through the letterbox. I devoured this in just over a day and would really recommend this to anyone who has every second guessed or doubted themselves (which I think must be everyone right?) 5 stars.

The Mothers ~ I don’t think I did this book justice, I started reading it while I was reading 5 other books because I was off to a spa so couldn’t take my kindle and didn’t want to take non-fiction. Once I got to the last 100pages I decided to try and finish it in a day which turned out to be no problem at all because I could barely put it down, one I think I’ll go back to soon and give some proper attention from the start but for now its 3 stars.

Just Between Friends* ~ This book follows Lucy and Aisha, when we meet them they’re both first time expectant moms who meet at a local baby group. Being the only two to turn up to the first group meeting alone they quickly become friends, though what Aisha doesn’t realise is they may share a bit more than their baby due month. I picked this up purely based on the lovely cover and the first part drew me into with its cosy feeling friendship that quickly turned to drama, there’ll be a full review of this up nearer to its November release date, 3 stars.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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