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October/November 2020 TBR

Usually I do a TBR post for the next three months but I’ve decided to do December separately because Christmas. I’ve been really looking forward to this part of the year; for me its all about cosy blankets and lots of tea!

Throughout October I’m trying what I’m calling ‘One at a Time October’ where I don’t read multiple books at once! I’m not sure if that’s going to mean I actually read less in October but I’ve tried not to be overly ambitious with this list so there’s no additional pressure.

Names for the Sea ~ I’ve been saving this one for the cooler weather, I’ve heard great things and have high expectations.

Deep Fakes* ~ This non-fiction book around AI and the media sounds right up my street, watch out for a review towards the end of October.

When The Lights Go Out* ~I requested an eARC of this after seeing Jen Campbell speak about it and have been saving it for the cooler weather.

The Vanishing Half ~ There has been so much hype around this that I think I’m going to have to get to it soon.

La Bella Sauvage ~ I was very late to the party with the original His Dark Materials trilogy and I’m slightly less late to the Book of Dust series but I’m hoping I can make a start before we get announcement around book three.

Daughters of Night* ~ I’ve had this ARC for ages and it finally feels like the season to get stuck into some historical fiction

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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