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September Book Haul

This month’s list is split very much in half, firstly my physical/kindle purchases which I’m reigned in slightly compared to last month and then audiobooks where I got slightly carried away and had to ban myself from scrolling through the Audible sale!

Made Possible ~ This was my Unbound Reading club book, if you join the Reading Club you’ll be sent a digital book each month, so far I’ve been sent a variety of quite different things but honestly, I haven’t actually picked any of them up yet.

Roommaid ~ Amazon First Reads choice for September, as a Prime member you can select a free book each month from a small selection, none massively cried out to me this month but Roommaid won me over with its colorful cover

Before the Coffee Gets Cold ~ Look at me hauling a book I’ve already read! After reading the sequel to this I decided to pick up the first book in series to get a bit more backstory on the rules around this time travelling cafe and the people that work there.

The Lying Room ~ I spotted this in a Kindle sale while I was reading  my first Nicci French book, I was only part of the way through but already wanted to read more by the author
Love and Other Thought Experiments ~ My Reposed book was a complete unknown this month, I’m really intruiged by the blurb of this one.

Sabotage ~ A little pre-order that was released towards the end of September, anything Emma Gannon writes is now pretty much a must read for me

And now we move onto the Audible books, there are quite a few this month. A combination of an Audible sale and me wanting to use up my remaining credits before pausing my membership. Over the last few months I’ve built up a nice little library of audiobooks but I’ve paused for 3 months just so that £8 isn’t flying out of my account every month without me realising.

The Dutch House ~ This has been on my radar for a little while but it was this review from Silver Button Books which pushed me towards getting the audiobook.

More Than a Woman ~ This was a perfect candidate for using up my Audible credits as I really enjoy listening to Caitlin narrate her own books.

Olive ~ I knew as soon as I read this a few months ago that I was going to want to revisit this as audio, also its narrated by Sian Clifford which I’m expecting to be amazing.

The Multi-Hyphen Method ~ Bit of an Emma Gannon theme going on here isn’t there? Another book of hers I’ve already read but would like to revisit via audio.

Why I’m No Long Talking to White People About Race ~ I’ve already read this, really I think everybody should so when I spotted in an Audible sale I thought it would be an excellent addition to my little audio library.

All links marked are affiliate links, if you purchase any products via these links you pay the same price and I receive a small commission.

1 thought on “September Book Haul”

  1. Oh, I do hope you enjoy The Dutch House! Tom Hanks was an amazing narrator and the story had me riveted. I am also stuck in the endless Audible loop – I keep using up my credits and cancelling and then they say I haven’t cancelled and I get mad but I still find myself using the credit. Now I want to pick up a copy of Why I’m no Longer Talking to White People About Race. Have a great week!

    Molly @ SilverButtonBooks


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