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One at a Time October

You may have noticed from my WWW posts or recent wrap ups that I’m pretty much always reading multiple books at once. Generally in life, I’m a multi-tasker, which is super helpful. Most of the time. 

Let me take you back around two weeks ago to when this idea formed – It’s a September morning, I’m on annual leave from work, it’s 8:30am and we have a lovely day planned but I’m struggling to relax. Then I look around and realise, Netflix is on, I have two books and a crochet project on my lap and my phone in my hand scrolling through social media. Perhaps, just perhaps, if you take several activities which generally relax you and try to do them all at once it doesn’t add up to super relaxed!

Throughout October I thought I’d try a bit of slowing down, one being reading one book at a time. This isn’t exactly groundbreaking but I thought it would be worth sharing, if nothing else to hold myself to this little experiment – I’m interested to see if this makes me less distracted or if I’ll even get bored of what I’m reading.

There’s one exception and that’s the audiobook I’m listening to with my husband in the car as that’s going to be in progress for ages.

To prep for this I have one week to finish some of my current reads! Last week when I posted my WWW I was on six concurrent books; in yesterday’s post I was down to 4 so fingers crossed that I can whittle that down a little further over the next seven days.

Have you tried anything like this before? Do you normally read one book at a time?

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