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House of Correction ~ Nicci French

528 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Netgalley eARC

I’ve heard so much about Nicci French from some of my favourite You Tubers Lauren and Jen that when I saw this on Netgalley I decided it was time to give their work a go. Nicci French is the pen name of married couple Nicci Gerrard and Sean French which I hadn’t realised until the intro of this novel; I’m always intrigued by how two minds can come together to form a cohesive novel – more impressive if you’re married and presumably therefore spend a lot of time together.  House of Correction did not disappoint, this was a great introduction to the author and I’ve already picked up another of their books.

When we meet Tabitha she’s spending her first night on remand in prison. Convinced she’ll be out the next morning she initially doesn’t worry about settling down or fitting in however after meeting with her solicitor she’ll be stuck there for at least five weeks waiting for her initial hearing/ giving her plea.  Tabitha has been charged with the murder of her neighbour and previous teacher who was found dead on her property, despite her own confidence in her innocence over the next few weeks more information emerges around Tabitha and her prior relationship with Simon Rees that isn’t filling her solicitor with the same confidence.
I haven’t read many court based fictions before but I really enjoyed this one. Tabitha is a really interesting character; she’s not the most instantly likeable but over the novel she grew on me and I started to find myself behind her and willing her to be successful in her defence despite the building evidence against her. 

The book is split into three main parts, the build up to the trial, the prosecution and the defence – I felt like the build up to the trial was a little slow at times but it really set the ground for big dramas once Tabitha’s case gets to court. Once I hit the courtroom sections this book had me completely hooked much to my annoyance when I was trying to finish this in the car and had to stop because the Milton Keynes roundabouts were making me feel quite travel sick.

House of Correction* was released at the start of September so you can get your hands on the Kindle, Physical or Audio books now. Thank you to Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with this copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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