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August 2020 ~ Wrap Up

How have everyone’s Augusts been? Mine has been a bit of a mix in general and also with reading. Below a re

The Princess Bride ~ I planned to read this for the book to movie Reading Rush prompt, however when Sunday evening I was still at 50% I admitted defeat and decided to just enjoy it rather than rush it, 4 stars.

The Love Square* ~ This was my first Netgalley audio book, it was a funny, relateble take on a more traditional love triangle, full review here, 4 stars.

The Existence of Amy* ~ There probably isn’t enough fiction which focuses on mental health. To the outside world Amy is a typical young woman who has a bit of a problem with cancelling on plans, on the inside Amy is battling depression and OCD; you can see my 
full review here, 4 stars.

Summer* ~ While not my favourite in the seasonal quartet, I really enjoyed how Ali Smith wrapped up this series. It was strange to read for the first time in fiction about recent events, with parts of this based in May 2020 while the UK is going through COVID-19 lockdown.  This also re-visited and brought together characters from Autumn and Winter which I wasn’t expecting as so far the books have been relatively separate; I really liked the way this was done as it felt like a natural rounding off of the series, 3 stars.

Before the Coffee Gets Cold: Tales from the Cafe* ~ This is actually a sequel to a book of the same name, I’ve not read the first one but I really enjoyed the concept and ‘rules’ of time travel in this book, a review will be up soon, 4 stars.

Don’t Touch My Hair  ~ I listened to this on audio and really enjoyed it! This is a non-fiction which focuses on black hair; the author Emma Dabiri who also narrates the audiobook grew up with a very different hair type to the majority of people around her growing up in Ireland, the book explores not only her own experiences but the historical experience of people with more afro/type 4 hair. This really opened by eyes, growing up with curly hair I was desperate to be handed straighteners to ‘fit-in’ this put my own experience in perspective

We Are Family* ~ Two sisters with quite different personalities and lives, who while obviously love each other aren’t always the best of friends – I guess I was drawn to this on Netgalley because it sounded a little like me and my own sister. This fell a little flat for me, full review here, 2 stars.

Snow Flakes ~ I read this purely because it was on Prime Reading, it ticked off a prompt for the NEWTs readathon and it was short. Very random 3 stars.

Such a Fun Age ~ I’ve been looking forward to getting this for a long time, I reserved it at the library at the start of the year and finally got hold of it after they reopened.  I really enjoyed this, my full review is here, 4 stars.

Weather ~ I’ve heard about this via the Women’s Prize for Fiction and while I didn’t dislike it I don’t think audiobook form does it justice. At about four hours long this is quite short and it made up of the continual thoughts of librarian, Lizzie. I found that I was drifting off while listening to this into my own thoughts, 3 stars.

In Stitches ~ I’ve been reading this for quite a while, after coming across the book on Prime Reading, its taken so long because its made up of lots (and I mean loads) of very short disconnected stories of working in a UK A&E department 3 stars.

Silver Sparrow ~ This was the Lauren and the Books patreon book club pick for August and I’m so glad this was picked, this follows two girls half-sisters but only one of the sisters is aware of the other. It follows the two families as the father/husband tries to navigate raising two girls geographically close together without their paths crossing, would really recommend, 4 stars.

Clap When You Land ~ It probably wasn’t the best thing to follow up Silver Sparrow with this as Clap When You Land is also about two half-sisters who at the start of the book aren’t aware of each other – I enjoyed it, the book is written in verse which was a first for me but with Silver Sparrow very fresh in my mind I found I was constantly comparing the two, 3 stars.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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