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Magical Readathon ~ NEWTs 2020 Wrap Up

Throughout August I was halfheartedly taking part in the NEWTs, this is the last time the Magical Readathon will be Harry Potter themed and while I wanted to finish what I started back in May with the OWLs for me this just wasn’t the same without all the social media interaction. I’m looking forward to seeing what G will come up with for next year.

The difference between OWLs and NEWTs is that NEWTs have grades for each subject, the prompts for that subject need to be completed in order. I was aiming for the career of Wandmaker so needed a Outstanding in Herbology; Exceeds Expectations in Care of Magical Creatures and an Acceptable in Charms. Below are the books I ended up reading;

A) Flowers on cover – Summer*
The cover has more greenery that flowers but there are a few colourful blooms on there; I’d planned to read this in early August when it was released so it was great that it lined up with this prompt.

E) Impactful read – Don’t Touch My Hair
I listened to the audiobook of this non-fiction; read by the author I found this to be super engaging and I learnt so much from it.

O) Longer than previous read – Silver Sparrow
Honestly I kind of forgot about this prompt so I’m just lucky that Silver Sparrow is longer than Don’t Touch My Hair because I didn’t plan for that to be the case!

Care of Magical CreaturesA) Fire on the cover – Snow Flakes
I was a bit stuck for this prompt (and really wanted to start Weather) I did have a book in my TBR but didn’t fancy a historical fiction – after struggling to find an alternative on my shelves so I found this Amazon Original via Prime Reading

E) Short book – Weather
This audiobook was under 4hours which in my books is pretty short. Its very free form, essentially a continuous thought stream of librarian Lizzie. Being so short I wasn’t sure this worked so well as an audiobook as there wasn’t much to pull me into the story and I’d find my mind more interested in whatever else I was doing at the time.

A) Humorous read – The Guilty Feminist
I haven’t finished this *facepalm* I fully intend to but once I was only 70pages in with 3 days to go in the month I decided to give up and enjoy the book rather than try to cram it in.

Essentially I’ve failed a little bit and I won’t be becoming a wandmaker anytime soon – I guess I better stick to data engineering with does a bit of blogging in her spare time.

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