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August 2020 ~ Book Haul

Another month where I’m completely failed on the not buying more books front and a few more physical books than usual a few of which I’ll be hopefully taking on a week away in September. Now I just need to find some room on my bookshelves for them!

Dear NHS ~ I ordered this collection in hardback as I thought it would be something my husband might also read.

Notes on a Nervous Planet ~ I’ve read this before but decided to get the audiobook since I really enjoyed listening to the author, Matt Haig reading Reasons to Stay Alive.

Underdogs ~ My Unbound Reading club book is described as a ‘near future war novel’; not something I’d have picked up for myself but I’ll give it a go.

The Rental Heart and Other Fairytales ~ I picked this up on Jen Campbell’s recommendation after the publisher made an appeal for people to buy from them to help them during the pandemic, containing 20 tales in under 150 pages I’m expecting this to be full of great retellings.

Outsiders ~ This was a pre-order back from November from 3 of cups, the original publication date was unfortunatly pushed back to next month due to Covid so I’m excited to have this in my hands slightly early.

On Anxiety ~ I picked this up at the same time as Outsiders so it came in the same package, like Outsiders its a collection of work from a variety of authors.

Clap When You Land ~ This was the Lauren and the Books book club read for July and while I gave it a miss the plot and reading a book in verse sounded really interesting so when I saw it in the August Kindle sales for 99p I picked it up.

The Midnight Library ~ My copy of this came as part of a ticket to a digital event on the author’s, one of my most anticipated books of 2020, I’m excited to take this on holiday next month.

The Mothers ~ This arrived in my August Reposed Box and I was really excited to get a book I’ve heard so much about.

The Vanishing Half ~ Lately this book has been everywhere I’ve looked throughout the book community so when I saw a streamed book event with the author for mid-August I bought a ticket which included a posted copy of the book.

All links marked are affiliate links, if you purchase any products via these links you pay the same price and I receive a small commission.

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