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WWW Wednesday ~ 26th August 2020

The WWW tag runs weekly on Sam’s blog, each W stands for a different ‘What’ to summarise you’re last week in books.

WWW Wednesday

What are you currently reading?

Still reading The Guilty Feminist, I’ve nearly finished Clap When You Land which is written in verse so quite a quick read so far. I’m struggling a bit for reading time this week but I’m looking forward to a long weekend with the UK bank holiday coming up.

What have you recently finished?

Last week I finished listening to Weather, I’m not sure the audiobook does this justice as its essentially a continual stream of thought which I found didn’t hold my attention as I tend to listen to audiobooks while doing any household jobs at the moment as I’m not commuting as much. Over the weekend I finished reading In Stitches which has been in progress for months, not because its a bad book but its lots of tiny disconnected chapters each giving a snippet of an A&E doctor’s thoughts so I very much dipped in and out a few pages at a time. I also finished Silver Sparrow which I really enjoyed!

What will you read next?

I have so many books I want to read next so I’m torn! High on my list is The Midnight Library which is Matt Haig’s new release.

8 thoughts on “WWW Wednesday ~ 26th August 2020”

    1. Clap When You Land reads quite quickly because of the format – Matt Haig is one of my favourite authors so I’m really looking forward to reading Midnight Library, I’ve seen some great reviews already.

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    1. Not hard to get through, just very short, disconnected chapters so I would only pick it up for maybe 10mins every few days. The writer has a very dry humour, its a mix of funny and shocking stories about working in A&E in the UK 🙂


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