The Existence of Amy ~ Lana Grace Riva

247 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Kindle

To the outside world Amy is a fairly normal young woman, she has a great flat, a job she enjoys and work colleagues she considers friends. However she does have a reputation within that friendship group as being quite tricky to pin down for social events and is thought of as a bit of a ‘canceller’ particularly at last minute. What they don’t realise is that Amy would love to attend every wedding, every birthday and every after work drinks but despite how determined she might be sometimes she just can’t bring herself to face the unknown.

At the start of The Existence of Amy our main character is learning to live with her OCD and depression; she’s seemingly accepted that some days she won’t feel able to leave her flat.  At work she’s faced with an amazing opportunity and massive challenge, a two week trip with her colleagues to Australia to meet a new client – almost immediately Amy accepts that she won’t be going but the trip’s organisers have other ideas and make it impossible for her to duck out. On this trip Amy has to face several of her big fears while at the same time hiding her distress from her friends and co-workers.

This read quite quickly and I found myself feeling very attached to Amy, willing her to reach out for help or see that there were people around her that wanted to help and support her, the book is very much focused on Amy’s personal journey . This was quite an emotional read that makes you consider everytime you’ve rolled your eyes at a last minute cancellation or no-show – yes, some people are a tad unreliable but for others it may be a lot more complicated than they’re letting on.

You can currently read The Existence of Amy in Paperback or Kindle, its even available for free on Kindle Unlimited at the moment if you’re a member. Thank you to the author, Lana Grace Riva for reaching out and providing me with this copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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