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WWW Wednesday ~ 12th August 2020

The WWW tag runs weekly on Sam’s blog, each W stands for a different ‘What’ to summarise you’re last week in books.

WWW Wednesday

So in my July wrap up I mentioned slowing down with regards to reading so many books at once – that didn’t really go to plan *facepalm* With a physical and digital library book coming in at the weekend and Galleyathon this week that has gone out of the window for now.

What are you currently reading?

Yesterday evening I started We Are Family* my second arc for Galleyathon, I’m listening to Don’t Touch My Hair which is proving to be an excellent listen. I picked up Such a Fun Age from the library this weekend, I reserved this at the start of the year and while it was via an appointment and I didn’t actually step foot in the library building its great to be able to use them again. Also in progress but not really being picked up much at the moment are The Guilty Feminist and In Stitches, I will go back to both of them but one non-fiction at a time is usually enough for me

What have you recently finished?

Yesterday I completed Before The Coffee Gets Cold: Tales from the Cafe*, the sequel following character’s travels through time via an unsuspecting cafe. At the weekend I finished Summer* which rounds off Ali Smith’s seasonal quartet, while not my favourite in the series (Spring if you were wondering) it was such a great round off to the series and it was great to see some familiar characters returning to tie up some loose ends.

What will you read next?

I’ve already gone off-piste with my Galleyathon plan by picking up We Are Family, I just wasn’t in the mood for historical fiction in a heatwave. Next I want to pick up Ghosts* which is released in October but one of the books I was already looking forward to going into January.

Is anyone else in the UK currently melting? If you’re outside the UK, how hot do you find a bit too hot (when you’re not on holiday) ?

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