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Magical Readathon ~ NEWTs 2020 TBR

Throughout August the 2020 Magical Readathon is continuing with the NEWTs, G has already said this will be the last round of the NEWTs with plans for the readathon to move away from its Harry Potter theme going forward. If you want anymore info on the readathon or the prompts you can see the video here.

When I decided on my OWLs I picked out Wandmaker and Curse Breaker as careers I was interested in so when the prompts for this month were released I compared the lists and decided to go with Wandmaker because a) there were less requirements and b) I really liked the Herbology and Care of Magical Creatures prompts.

The difference between OWLs and NEWTs is that there are grades and its not just pass/fail, so the achieve the highest grade (O – Oustanding) for a subject you have to read all three prompts in the correct order.

So for Wandmaker I need to complete:

  • Herbology – Outstanding
  • Care of Magical Creatures – Exceeds Expectations
  • Charms – Acceptable

My initial planned reads are below, my library is still not back to normal so I’m aiming to do this using books I already own or have as ARCs.

A) Flowers on cover – Summer
E) Impactful read – Homecoming
O) Longer than previous read

Care of Magical Creatures
A) Fire on the cover – Daughters of Night
E) Short book – Penguin Modern

A) Humorous read – The Guilty Feminist

Are you taking part in the NEWTs? What career are you aiming for?

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