Online Bookish Events

There’s been a lot of changes in the way we consume entertainment in the last few months, with theatres and stadiums having to close their doors a lot of things have taken to online streaming. My husband and I visit the theatre for musicals and stand-up comedy fairly regularly and have a few rescheduled shows we’re crossing our fingers will be able to go ahead soon.

Today I wanted to share a few online book events I found recently incase there’s of interest to anyone.

I discovered the Fane Productions events via a local theatre while scrolling through their rescheduled events for next year. As far as I know these are UK events so apologies if these aren’t availability internationally. They have a variety of talks coming up over the next few months from Ant & Dec, to Ovie from Love Island, to Trevor McDonald there’s probably something for everyone. Most events seem to have two ticket options, one that gets you access to the stream and another that includes a posted copy of the book. Each live stream is available for 48 hours so you don’t even need to be free on the day of the event to book.

I’m really excited to see these events available, because of where I live there aren’t tonnes of bookish events that are easy to get to and even when there are I’m a little bit to scared to go along alone so being able to join from my own home with a cup of tea (or glass of wine) sounds great.

Obvious downsides are that you don’t get to see/meet the author in person so no book signings or selfies with your favourites, I’m sure those kind of events will be back as soon as its safe to do so but for now online seems like a good alternative.

I’ve booked tickets to events with Brit Bennett and Elizabeth Day and am really looking to watching the talks and getting my copies of the books.

What are you thoughts on online events? Have you attended any recently or before lockdown?

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