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Reposed Book Subscription ~ July 2020 Unboxing

Reposed is a monthly book subscription box costing £12.80 (including postage) each month you’ll receive a book as well as a few extra items. This month my box arrived while we were away for a few days but it was around mid-month as usual.

The book you’ll receive will be a new release paperback, so there is a risk if the book has come out earlier in hardcover or digital format you may have picked it up in one of those formats.

This month’s book is The Other’s Gold by Elizabeth Ames.

As always there were a host of other treats in the box, this month we got;

  • T2 French Earl Grey teabags (£8 for 25 teabags)
  • Scentered Focus Balm (full size £15)
  • Earl Grey biscuit from @deesbasement (exclusive to box)
  • Voucher for MyPostcard (€2,19)

In a weird case of awesome timing, this box has arrived just a few days after retrying Earl Grey and deciding its really nice! The inclusion of the biscuit is lovely though it did get a little bashed in transit. All in all, a great box!

Do you have any subscription boxes? Have you heard of this book? Let me know!

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