June 2020 ~ Wrap Up

June was jam-packed with readathons; I was taking part in House-Cupathon, a month long Harry Potter themed readathon as well as Galleyathon, which focuses on reducing your Netgalley shelf (15th – 21st)  then there was a Magical Readathon ‘Trip to Hogsmeade’ (22nd – 28th).  How many more times can I get the word readathon into this post?

Initially I did give myself a bit of a headache trying to cross reference my TBR books to meet as many challenges as possible then realised that maybe I’d have more fun if I chilled out a bit and stopped trying to hit every prompt!  

I’ve split out my wrap ups for each event so the books below were ones that I either had already started when June rolled around or didn’t fit any specific challenge, though they will have earnt me House-Cupathon points just for pages read.

Galleyathon Wrap Up
Magical Readaton Wrap Up
House-Cupathon Challenge Reads

The Ghost Factory ~ I actually read the majority of this over the last weekend in May so couldn’t count this for Housecupathon, a surprisingly enjoyable read which I gave 4 stars. You can see my full review here.

Too Fat, Too Slutty, Too Loud ~ This non-fiction book explores how women are often criticized for being ‘too’ something and often its something you’re unlikely to hear similar said about men. While it makes some great points, each chapter focuses on an individual woman or a pair and as this is based around mainly American culture I didn’t know the people or the TV shows that were being referenced which made it tricky to get into a times,  2 stars.

Dark Days ~ A little Penguin modern classic, for just £1 and in under 50 pages this includes three impactful essays by James Baldwin on some of his experiences growing up and living in America, 4 stars.

Life is Big ~ I think if I had to summarise this book in one word it would be ‘quirky’; its got a real variety of characters. From an 11 year old, who despite being scientifically proven to be the happiest person alive is also highly likely to die young from a rare disease to Albert Einstein who’s busing himself in heaven playing Scrabble to Death and his brother Obituary Man (who was my favourite character). I liked the way we moved from character perspectives throughout the book and each narrator is linked in someway but I just couldn’t get into it the way I wanted it. Its not badly written, and despite Death being a character its quite uplifting but sadly not for me, 2 stars.

The Wives* ~ ‘Thrillers’ isn’t normally a go to genre but this had me gripped by its twists and turns. A great starting concept has around Seth and his three wives we’re introduced to as Monday, Tuesday and Thursday – find out more here, 4 stars.

If you fancy picking up any of these books with free worldwide shipping take a look at my affiliate link. You’ll pay the exact same price and I’ll receive a small commission in return.

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

3 thoughts on “June 2020 ~ Wrap Up”

  1. Well done with all those challenges, Elizabeth. I was using lots of monthly challenged last year to work through my TBR pile, but I kept adding books to satisfy prompts and ended up increasing instead of reducing it!! Lol!

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