Just Saying ~ Sophie Ranald

328 pages ~ ★★★☆☆ ~ Paperback

Sophie Ranald is back with another heartwarming, easy going read, she’s becoming a bit of a go-to author for this genre for me.

Alice and Joe met as trainees at the same law firm, when we meet them they’re both celebrating being offered permanent jobs at the firm, they’re blissfully happy living together in their little flat and just generally gazing misty eyed in what’s looking like an idyllic future. Alice is then hit by a complete curveball and its looking like her permanent job might not be as secure as she thought, at the same time Joe’s ex Zoe appears with nowhere to live following a breakup. Before Alice realises she’s sharing a flat with her boyfriend, her boyfriend’s ex and her boyfriend’s ex’s cat, Frazzle.

What follows is a big journey of self-discovery and a lot of reflection, Alice is forced to look at her goals in life and try to access where they originated, why did she decide to pursue a career in law to start with? Is a career in law even what she wants? 

As well as Alice this books has loads of side characters that were great! Local landlady Shirley who loves Princess Diana, Alice’s brother Drew who no matter what he shoots for always seems to land on his feet. Best friend Heather and he reliable tuna sandwich Pret choices. Local business owner Archie who is crazily good at Scrabble and a group of pub regulars Alice learns to rely on.

There is a trigger warning needed for this book with regards to sexual assault and the Me Too movement and I was hoping the book would have investigated that side a bit more, it doesn’t play a big part but if you’d rather avoid the topic then maybe this isn’t the book for you.

My main gripe with this is with the tagline and these next few sentences will have a slight spolier in. For me the tagline suggested that Alice and Joe were going to have a big fall out/break up at somepoint in the book and I guess I was waiting for it to happen and while it nearly does they are together for the whole book. Annoyingly I became a bit pre-occupied by this and couldn’t help but think “Well I’m 50% through and they’re still together…. 70% through and they’re still together” The image is also of a woman with her feet up, if there’s one thing Alice doesn’t do a lot of in this book its put her feet up! I like the cover. I like the book. I just didn’t think they were cohesive.

Just Saying is released on 3rd July and you can currently get it on Kindle for just £1.99.  Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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