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House Cupathon Round Three Challenges

House Cupathon ran throughout all of June and while all the books I read earned me points based on the page count, below are the ones that ticked off challenges.

The Boy the Mole, the Fox and the Horse ~ ★★★★★
Polyjuice Potion ~ Read a book in a non-traditional format
Following the Spiders ~ Read a hyped book
If you’ve somehow managed to not hear about this book, head on over to the author’s Instagram to see the kind of artwork you can expect.  One I’ll be keeping for a long time.

The Magician’s Nephew ~ ★★★★☆
The Flying Car ~ Road trip!  Read a book that involves a journey
The Howler ~ Read a book that has a character who must face the consequences of their actions
This was such a nostalgic read for me, as a child I had the Narnia box set and remember particularly liking the first book and knowing more about how Narnia started – I will say it was the first in my set as its the first chronologically by the books timeline but I this was released 5 years after The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe and I think number 6 in the original series. Reading it back now, its far from perfect! Digory and Polly, the two children who start travelling between worlds

Longbourn ~ ★★★★☆
The Burrow ~ Read a cozy book
This is Pride and Prejudice retold from the perspective of the Bennett’s house keeper/maids. This gave me all the cosy, nostaglic feelings of re-reading an old favourite, you can see my full review here.

The Starless Sea ~ ★★★★☆
Mandrakes ~ Protect your ears and listen to an audio book
Petrified ~ Read a book that you’re afraid to read
I’m doing a bit of a take on the ‘afraid to read’ prompt but basically I had this book so hyped up in my own head that when it came to actually starting the audiobook I was actually a little nervous about it.

Snake* ~ ★★★☆☆
The Basilisk ~Read a book with snake on the cover
This seemed like a perfect choice for this prompt, even if I had to read this little non-fiction book with my feet off the floor. Bonus as it also counted for a Galleyathon challenge.

Harry Potter & The Chamber of Secrets ~ ★★★★★
Required Reading ~ Read Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets or any Harry Potter book
Tom Riddle’s Journal ~ Read a book by an author that uses a pen name or their initials
Everytime I re-read this I’m struck by how quickly it seemed to jump around and how some things I remember as key events are actually just a couple of pages.

The Jungle Book ~ ★★★☆☆
Dobby ~ Read a book that has a lovable/memorable side character
Everyone loves Baloo right? I was sure I’d read this before but I’m now not so sure, like many stories we think we know, the original is completely different. The start of this book showed a very different relationship between the wolves and Shere Kan to the film, Mowgli’s mother is actually pretty sassy in the opening chapter which I loved. It then splits into smaller stories, including one about seals.

The Princess Saves Herself in This One ~ ★★★☆☆
De-Gnome the Garden ~ Read a book that you are thinking on unhauling
I’ve been pretty good at un-hauling physical books lately but this is one I was torn about putting on the donate pile. Having re-read it I am going to pass it on, not because I don’t like it but I can’t see myself reaching for it again and again.

When God Was a Rabbit ~ ★★★☆☆
Whomping Willow ~ Read a book with a tree on the cover
Received in an Etsy mystery book box this book follows brother and sister, Elly and Joe throughout their lives. When we meet Elly she’s been outcast from Sunday school for suggesting Jesus was an unplanned pregnancy and also from school for calling her new rabbit ‘God’ – she remains quite isolated throughout her life, staying extremely close to her family and childhood friend Jenny Penny.

The Good Immigrant ~ ★★★★☆
Death Day Party ~ Read a book that you forgot that you owned
I very nearly bought this towards the start of the month but luckily remembered that I bought it about three years ago and never got around to it – double bonus when I remembered it would then count for this challenge!

The Challenges I Didn’t Get To

  • Lockhart ~ Read a book with a love interest everyone loves
  • Fawkes: Give a book a second chance.                   

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