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Galleyathon June 2020 ~ Wrap Up

The first round of Galleyathon ran from 15th – 21st June; the aim was simple. Make a dent in your list of ARCs.

I’ll hold my hands up and say I can get a bit click happy when I’m on Netgalley, getting caught up in all the books that catch my eye without thinking too much about release dates and how I’ll actually get round to reading and reviewing them in a decent time frame so this was a perfect focus point for me.

There were four prompts for the readathon and then a bingo card to try and complete, the bingo card sounded a bit ambitious for me so I just aimed for the prompts

Newest arc you have ~ Just Saying* ~ ★★★☆☆Alice and Joe first met as trainees at their law firm; now they’ve both got permanent positions lined up and are staring dreamy eyed into their futures. Generally I enjoyed this, my main gripe is actually to do with the tagline, I won’t go into details because spoilers. If you’re desperate to know I’ll include those thoughts in the full review.

Arc you regret requesting ~ Snake* ~ ★★★☆☆This was a difficult prompt to pick a book for but in hindsight I requested three books from the Object Lessons series and maybe that was one too many. Also, snakes creep me out a bit so I’m not quite sure what past me was thinking, I had to read this when both feet could be off the floor which worked until the chapter about giant snakes.

Arc your most excited for ~ Olive* ~ ★★★★☆There was little question what my pick for this would be, Olive was one of my most anticipated reads for the year, the release for this has been pushed from June to July due to COVID. Olive her tightly knit group of best friends have hit their early thirties and facing very different relationships with the idea of motherhood. This is one I’ve been thinking about all the time since I finished it.

There was one other prompt I didn’t complete which was “Oldest arc you have” for this I planned to read Daughters of Night*, however once I got to it I really wasn’t in the mood for historical fiction and this isn’t released until January so I’ve decided to save this for autumn/winter instead.

Massive thank you to the hosts for organising the readathon, it was the perfect way to make a dent in my ARC reading list, now to go get writing all the reviews!

Titles marked * have been provided for free in exchange for an honest review.

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