The Ghost Factory ~ Jenny McCartney

295 pages ~ ★★★★☆ ~ Paperback

When this came through my door via my April Reposed subscription box I was a bit dubious as to how much I’d enjoy it, yet more proof that you shouldn’t judge books too quickly. I picked this up on a Saturday morning and had finished within a couple of days.

Starting in Belfast during the troubles in the 1970s the blurb tells us about Twitch and Jacky. Twitch has a habit of shoplifting sweets and biscuits but didn’t deserve to be taken from his home and beaten close to death for some Jaffa cakes. While I briefly covered this period as part of GCSE history this book is a reminder of the how the threat of death was very prominent in people’s daily lives for Irish people for having the wrong associations or just for being in the wrong place at an unfortunate time.

Finding himself face to face with Twitch’s attacker Jacky can’t help but lash out, unfortunately instead of evening the score all this does is put Jacky straight in the line of fire. For the safety of himself and those he loves he leaves Belfast for London where he hopes the threat won’t follow.

What this book gave me what a main character that I could get behind completely, when we meet Jacky he’s recently lost his father and is struggling to find somekind of direction in life; he’s not a perfect person but he knows that and I really found myself willing him to succeed in finding a fresh start.

I’m so glad this was in my subscription box, I doubt I ever would have picked it up otherwise but I’d really recommend The Ghost Factory as a book to really immerse yourself in.

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