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Fragile ~ Shannon Sovndal MD

254 pages ~ ★★★☆☆ ~ Netgalley eARC

Fragile: Beauty in Chaos, Grace in Tragedy and Hope that Lives In Between is the autobiography of an American ER doctor Shannon Sovndal who has lead a very interesting life, starting off desperate to be a fighter pilot his not perfect eyesight forced him to reconsider his options. This book twists and turns through pivotal events in his life.

If you’ve followed my reading for a while then you may know that we’re fans of medical memoirs in my house, particularly my husband, its pretty much the only genre he’ll read.  This was a bit different to the kind of thing we’ve read before, this focuses much more on Shannon’s personal life than his medical one. What I’ve come to expect from medically themed books are account after account of the encounters and experiences the individual has faced throughout their career, this isn’t one of those books; there are only about 4 or 5 patients mentioned.

I did find that the author does tangent quite a lot while retelling some stories, the chapters are by no means chronological and even within them Sovndal will jump from talking to his wife, to Paris, to cycling, to physics and back again. It all makes sense but I did start to find that style a little frustrating towards the end. However that style did make it feel much more conversational than overly edited which made the narrative flow well.

Another nice touch is that for each chapter the author has suggested a song to be listened to along with the music, I only put the suggested song on for one of chapters but its a really interesting idea that I haven’t seen before.

Overall, an interesting autobiography documenting a fascinating life if you enjoy non-celebrity memoirs but probably not one if you’re after medical-related content.

Fragile is released on 12th May. Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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