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Stay Home Reading Rush 2020

Over the weekend I took part in the Stay Home Reading Rush so thought I’d sum up the weekend in a post. Overall I thought it was a lovely idea to have a mini-reading rush while we’re all spending more time at home and this got me reaching for a couple of books I otherwise wouldn’t have but really enjoyed revisiting. I didn’t make it to all four books on my TBR but maybe that was a bit ambitious considering I’m still working full time from home.

Stay Home Reading Rush TBR

Thursday 16th
A particularly busy day at work means I don’t mange to fit any reading in under later in the evening, I pick up The Tales of Beedle the Bard as my copy meets the”Read a book with a house on the cover” challenge; as planned I finish the book the same evening.

Friday 17th
Thanks to a group of birds outside our bedroom window I’m awake nearly an hour earlier than I need to be, I continue reading Wolf by Wolf in bed for a while before getting up and starting The Tell-Tale Heart on my sofa which I’m planning on using for “Read a book in the same room the whole time”, its a collection of short stories so I read the first before starting work. The plan was to read a fair chunk of Harry Potter & The Philospher’s Stone this evening but that plan gets replaced by pizza and watching Lord of the Rings Return of the King with my husband as we’ve been rewatching those films during lockdown so by the time I go to bed I’ve only read one chapter.

Saturday 18th
Again I wake up early so by 6:30am I’m on my sofa reading Harry Potter. By mid-afternoon I’m just over half-way through and have also read the second story in The Tell-Tale Heart. In all honesty, Saturday evening is a bit of a struggle and I don’t do any more reading.

Sunday 19th
I start off the day by finishing The Tell-Tale Heart with the final, shortest and most confusing short story from the book but at least this completes the “Read a book in the same room the whole time” challenge. Throughout the day I continue reading Harry Potter, finishing just before dinner and ending the day by watching Moana . I’m counting Harry Potter for  “Read a book set somewhere you wish you could go” and “Read a book that will make you smile”

Did you take part in the readathon? How did you get on with the challenges?

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