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Mum’s Big Break~ Louise Emma Clarke

384 pages ~ ★★★☆☆ ~ Netgalley eARC

Jess is a blogger over at ‘Letters to my Daughter’; her first year in blogging ending in her winning an award and in the process making a bit of a nemesis of fellow “mummy blogger” Tiggy. Mum’s Big Break follows Jess as her blog continues to grow and more opportunities come her way, all while juggling her second pregnancy.

Confession time; yet again I downloaded this from Netgalley without realising it was a sequel so I spent the first third(ish) of the book feeling like I couldn’t connect to Jess and that her friends/family/fellow bloggers were all being introduced very quickly with very little context. This is the follow up to From Mum With Love so if the concept of this book sounds like your kind of thing I’d recommend you go and read that one first! Bonus is that the first book is currently available on Prime Reading so Amazon Prime readers can get it for free via a Kindle/ Kindle reading app.

Anyway, enough of the first book.  As we start the book Jess, her husband and daughter are on a free press holiday in Dubai and Jess is getting ready to announce to her followers that the reason she’s been quiet online lately is that she’s pregnant with her second child.  In the whirlwind of returning home Jess forgets to label a post about the holiday as an ad resulting in a lot of unhappy followers pointing out she’s violating the advertising rules.

The format was a bit of a mixture of blog post and continuation of the story; each chapter starts with Jess’ blog metrics and then the latest letter she’s posted before carrying on with the plot, I quite enjoyed the mixed media style as you got an insight into the persona Jess is putting out online as well as when she’s with her friends/family.

Overall this was a great piece of escapism, quite light-hearted and easy going. If you’ve read and enjoyed book one then I’d recommend picking this up as you’ll probably connect with Jess a bit more than I did.

Mum’s Big Break is due for release on 23rd April,   Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers for providing me with a copy this in exchange for an honest review.

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