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The Stay Home Reading Rush kicked off yesterday and as part of the announcement video Ariel added a quick tag.

How is your reading going while staying home?
A bit hit and miss. Some days I find I’m reading quite a lot more than usual, others I’ve not picked up a book all day. Overall it’s probably balancing out.

Where have you been reading at home?
Mainly on my sofa, which where I would normally read anyway. The main change has been to when I listen to audiobooks, instead of reading on my commute I’m trying to remember to listen when I’m cooking/cleaning etc.

Best book you’ve read during isolation?
So far, it’s been The Switch which was released yesterday, it’s a dual-perspective novel which follows a grandmother/daughter who decide to swap lives for two months. 79 year old Eileen, moves to London and starts online dating, and 28-year-old Leena takes over the May Day planning committee and starts chairing neighbourhood watch meetings for the small Yorkshire village

What’s your favourite feel good book?
Insert stereo-typical Harry Potter answer! I’m picking up Philsopher’s Stone to cover the ‘place you wish you could visit’ and ‘will make you smile’ challenges because the series is my ultimate go-to for nostalgic, comfort reading.  As an alternative an author who’s book always seem to make me smile is Tracy Bloom, her books are typically funny, light-hearted and perfect for holidays.

Book you wish you could buy or borrow from the library?
The Starless Sea is sat on my library reservation shelves just waiting for me! Unfortunately when the libraries announced they were closing my husband had virus symptoms so we weren’t leaving the house but it will still be there for me when the libraries reopen.

Author you want to shout out during this time?
I mention her all the time but Jen Campbell has continuing to produce some great content. From her videos of her very early morning walks (including a daily squirrel count) to reading a chapter a day of Alice in Wonderland Instagram Live her focus seems to be on calming escapism and I’m completely here for that!

What is your Reading Rush TBR?

  • The Tales of Beadle and The Bard
  • Harry Potter & The Philsopher’s Stone
  • The Tell-Tale Heart
  • Conversations with Friends (kindle)

Stay Home Reading Rush TBR



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