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February 2020 ~ Wrap Up

Despite being the shortest month of the year February seems to have dragged on in one long bad weather forecast for the UK, that has meant quite a lot of time spent hiding inside reading.

The Temple House Vanishing* ~ This was released on 20th February, and you can read my full review here, 4 stars.

How To Break Up With Fashion ~ Through 2019 Lauren Bravo stopped shopping for clothes, as part of her #notnewyear experiment, cutting down on the amount of clothes and just general stuff has been something I’ve been trying to do for a while but this book really opened my eyes to just how bad it is.  It covers everything from the environmental impact of the clothes we buy to the impact on the people that are making them. As well as telling you everything we should be cutting down/stopping doing it also gives you plenty of suggestions of things to start doing, would recommend to anyone who frequently goes into Primark (or any other high street shop) for socks and comes out £50 poorer; 4 stars.

Winter ~ The second in Ali Smith’s seasonal quartet, this is set around Christmas time when four people; three family and one stranger come together.  Like Autumn it took me while to get used to the writing style of this one as the narrative drifts between the presence and character’s memories, not one I’m likely to re-read but I will be carrying on with the season, 3 stars.

Three Japanese Short Stories ~ One of the Penguin Modern Classic range I picked this up during one of the stormy weekends we had this month, I wasn’t very impressed with any of the stories as they seemed to mainly revolve around extremely self-centered people moping about what to do with their lives, was quite glad this only cost £1, 2 stars.

Legendary ~  The second in the Caraval series and I think I’d forgotten how much happened in Caraval and spent the first part of this books trying to work out who everyone was and who had ended up in a relationship with who; I found it to be a bit slow paced throughout and then towards the end things really picked up and I’m hoping to read Finale soon, 3 stars.

The Animals at Lockwood Manor* ~ During World War Two in an attempt to protect a museum’s mammal collection, Hetty Cartwright is moving the exhibits to Lockwood Manor, full review here, 3 stars.

No one is too Small to Make a Difference ~ I found this in my library audiobook collection and decided to give it a re-listen; its read by Greta and because of that I enjoyed it more than reading it, 4 stars.

Misogynation ~ This is a collection Laura Bates articles from around 2014 – 2017 all centered around sexism, this is her third non-fiction book and I found this made for quite difficult reading mainly because the format; the articles are grouped by theme so in one chapter you’ll be hit by several articles all hammering home the same point which makes me want to force this on anyone who thinks feminism has already done its job and we’ve reached gender equality, worth reading but I’m unlikely to revisit, 3 stars.

Tell It To A Stranger ~ I was lucky enough to get to Persephone Books earlier this month and this was one of the books I picked up, a collection of short stories mostly written in the 1940s, like most short story collections some I didn’t enjoy but other I really liked; some of these reminded me of the short stories I’ve read by Roald Dahl as they tend to leave stories more open for interpretation 3 stars.

The Two Lives of Lydia Bird* ~Lydia and Freddie’s relationship started when they were just teenagers so when Freddie dies in a car accident on her 27th birthday Lydia’s life is completely turned upside down. After being prescribed some trial sleeping pills she realise she’s able to visit a parallel life where Freddie is alive and well which proves to be both a comfort and a curse; full review coming next week, 4 stars.

Queenie ~ I picked up the audiobook of this and could not stop listening, Queenie is such an interesting character and this kept me guessing as it veered away from what I predicted several times, 4 stars.

What’s your favourite thing you’ve read this month?

2 thoughts on “February 2020 ~ Wrap Up”

  1. I’ve been planning to read Queenie so I’m glad that you enjoyed it! I didn’t read any fiction last month, but I did really enjoy Lily Allen’s autobiography 🙂


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