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Let’s Talk Bookish ~ 28th February 2020

Let’s Talk Bookish is a weekly meme, created and hosted by Rukky @ Eternity Books, discussing different topics and sharing opinions on each week’s theme.

Today’s question: What are your thoughts regarding reading challenges?

I’ve not taken part in many reading challenges in the past but this year I’m taking part in two; Beat the Backlist and Audiobook Challenge which are both year-long challenges which lined up with my reading goals for this year of reading more books that are already on my shelves and listening to more audiobooks.

In general, I think challenges can be a great source of encouragement to read more in general but also to pick up books I’ve been putting off or books I might not otherwise have read. Beat the Backlist has definitely had me looking through my bookshelves for books that have been sitting unread. I also really enjoy reading challenge updates from other people regardless of whether I’m taking part.

Where I’m less of a fan is if the challenge is just to read as many pages as possible in a short time frame, personally I find these challenges a little stressful and I tend to enjoy what I’m reading less as I’m focused on the page count and not on the plot or characters.

What’s been your favourite reading challenge you’ve participated in?

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