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Reposed Book Subscription ~ February 2020 Unboxing

Reposed (formerly Reading in Heels) is a monthly book subscription box costing £12.80 (including postage) each month you’ll receive a book as well as a few extra items which are usually food/drink and beauty related.  I took out my subscription in January and couldn’t find many unboxings online to see what kind of books/items were included so thought I’d share some photos.

The box arrived on 19th of the month in letterbox friendly packaging, this is a massive plus in my eyes as it saves me a trip to the Post Office!   The book you’ll receive will be a new release paperback, this month’s book came out in paperback on 23rd January 2020 so there is a risk if the book has come out earlier in hardcover or digital format you may have picked it up in one of those formats. Personally, I’m trying to stop buying so many new books so I’m happy to take the chance.

The book I received was Nightingale Point by Luan Goldie, I think everyone gets the same book as there’s a private community space where you can discuss the book with other members.  The book currently has a Goodreads average rating of over 4 and sounds really interesting.

In terms of value I was really happy with what we got in this box, if you take the shipping into account you’re paying around £10 for a new paperback and some extra treats; unlike some other subscription boxes I’ve had in the past they don’t specify what each item in the box is worth but from a bit of online research I’ve found the prices below.

  • Floral Bookmark (exclusive to this box)
  • Paper & Tea Green Tea Bag ( €12 for 15 teabags)
  • Love Cocoa Salted Caramel Milk Chocolate (£4 for 80g)
  • Skimono Anti Aging+Sheet  Mask (£15 for 1 mask)

Regardless of when you sign up you’ll get the next month’s box, for example I signed up on the 6th January and my first box was the February box and if you were to sign up today you’re first box would be the March one.  Overall I was really pleased with my first box, I liked that there was a subtle valentine’s theme but it wasn’t OTT and as my husband pointed out, a book, tea and chocolate is pretty much an ideal evening for me.

What are your thoughts on subscriptions boxes or surprise/blind date books?

3 thoughts on “Reposed Book Subscription ~ February 2020 Unboxing”

  1. Ordered a 3 month subscription at end of December as a present for a friend. First box still hasn’t arrived and we are in February . I have chased and was given a tracking number that didn’t work plus a promise of redelivery. Still nothing. Feeling helpless and a need to replace the present. Same with books plus beer – still not turned up. Would not recommend


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