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Beat the Backlist Bingo 2020 ~ Update 1

Beat the Backlist is a year long reading challenge focused on reading your way through your backlist, this fits in perfectly with my 2020 goal of reading my way through the books on my shelves.

To make things more interesting there’s a mini challenge where you can join a team and earn points for every read book you submit; there’s also two bingo cards to try and complete.  I’m starting off with the 24 prompt card and thought I’d give an update on how I’m doing.

BTB2020_Regular_Reading_BINGO Update 1


Author you want to meet ~ The Bookshop Book by Jen Campbell ~ I’ve followed Jen on booktube and Patreon for a while and would love for the calender stars to align at somepoint and allow me to be able to get to one of her events.

Book by an international author ~ Parsnips in Love by Porochista Khakpour ~ While I didn’t love this short story the author is Iranian so silver lining is it completes this prompt.

New to you author ~ How to Fail by Elizabeth Day ~ I’ve heard Elizabeth interviewed on podcasts a couple of times but never read any of her books until now and I definitely want to try out some of her fiction soon.

3/24 doesn’t seem like much but we’re only about six weeks into the year; I have an idea of what I’m going to read for about 8 more of these, so lots of room for new suggestions – particularly for a book over 600 pages, the longest book on my TBR is 575 and if I’m going to read a book that long I want it to be a good one!

Are you taking part in the bingo challenge? How are you getting on?

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